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The Witch Kettle is a fun and versitile Halloween Prop. The Witch's Kettle (or Witches Cauldron) stirs up all kinds of scary imagery, not to mention various potions and witch's brews. Use the Witch kettle at Halloween as a costume accessory, a cauldron punch bowl, or candy dish. Or just put some water and dry ice in it and watch it bubblle and steam. Bring it out on St. Patricks Day and use it for your "Pot of Gold." There are many uses for this party prop accessory. Treat your Witch Kettle nice, and this cauldron will give you years of service as a Costume Accessory, or Party Prop. This is not your baby size witch kettle! 12"wide by 9" tall
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Currently Viewing Product 49 of 53


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