Here is some cute little fairy makeup! My choices would be the Lumiere Grande Colours by Ben Nye. They are a rich deep pigmented shade. ‪#‎LU‬-16 Azalea is a great hot pink shade and #LU-8 is a wonderful lime green. Apply dry or wet with a Flat Brush. If applying wet, it will be even more intense. ‪#‎LE‬ Liquid Eyeliner will be perfect for those little deigns around the eyes and for your liner. Set with a Neutral Setting Powder in a Powder Puff Sponge. Lovely spring fairy makeup!
Spring Fairy Makeup DIY

It is back to scary time!! This makeup job can also be the base of other makeup designs. First I would use CF-3 Black powder cake makeup and a brush. Wet your brush, dip in the black and let it drip down your face. Oh, fun! Now paint the black around the eyes and draw the lines under the eyes. Powder with Neutral Setting Powder MP-2 and a Powder Puff VP-1.
Scary Makeup DIY

I have been waiting a long time to do this one! I love it! Hungry Eye Makeup! Ok, here we go. You will need CL Color Liners in these colors: CL-61 Desert Tan, CL-21 Peacock Blue, CL-1 White, CL-29 Black. With EL-1 Liquid Eyeliner draw the outside edge of the mouth. The upper lip if you notice has a smaller white area than the upper lip, so draw your line accordingly. With your CL-1 White and a ‪FB-10 Flat Brush paint the white of the eye in. Set with Neutral Set Powder MP-2 and a ‪VP-1 Velour Powder Puff. Now with the CL-21 Peacock Blue fill in the center of the eye and then add CL-61 Desert Tan for the shading. Powder. Now do the black center. Powder. Add the white glint and some small black shading. Powder again. Using MO-2 Mellow Orange and a small FDB Fine Detail Brush draw the pinkish small line that is under the white on the bottom lip. Re-apply the rest of that line if needed in black. That same pinkish color will also go above the black line on the top. Some of your regular face foundation should go on the very outside of this design. Now add a little bit of eye wrinkle lightly with the black and the FDB brush. Powder everything. Then add the lashes. That last part makes me laugh! Also it was really weird telling you to powder your eyeball!!
Hungry Eye Makeup DIY

Before our next makeup job, I need to explain how to put on a Bald Cap. So this makeup job is a two part instruction starting with putting a Bald Cap on. #BPO Woochie Bald Caps are the very best. Ben Nye Makeup carries these. Gently pull your Bald Cap onto your head. Mark where your ears are. Cut that area out. Your hair needs to be flat for it to look right. If your hair is long then you must slick it back, pull any that is below the back hairline back up on top of your hair and slick that into place. Put your Bald Cap back on, pulling it down tight. Trim away any that is more than 1" from your hairline. Using #SG-2 Spirit Gum, go around the edge of your Bald Cap in 2" lengths, brushing the Spirit Gum on, allow about 1 minute to get tacky, press the Bald Cap down. Hold. Keep going all of the way around. Once you are done, go over your edges with a light layer of #LL-2 Liquid Latex. Voila, you are done. Another person will make this process go faster.
Bald Cap Instructions, Makeup DIY

Let's have some fun with makeup!! Kitty cat makeup time. Cheshire cat? First spread the ‪#‎CL‬-4 Bright Pink Color Liner onto your face where the teeth are going. Using ‪#‎LF‬-1 Latex makeup Sponge. You don't have to be perfect, we will cover up the area with the teeth. Next draw your mouth outline with ‪#‎MC‬-1 MagicColor Pencil. Then draw your teeth lines with the black. Set both the pink and the black with ‪#‎MP‬-2 Neutral Setting Powder and a ‪#‎VP‬-1 Velour Powder Puff. If you have packed your puff with enough powder it won't smear together. Next paint your teeth in with #CL-1 White Color Liner. Then set the white with your setting powder. The hard part is done! Finish the whiskers with the black. Set. Then do the nose with the pink and the sponge. On the other corner of your Latex makeup Sponge, put the #CL-16 Vivid Violet down the side of the nose and around the eyes. The shadow down the nose lengthens it and narrows it more like a cat nose shape. Set everything with the setting powder.
Kitty Cat Face Makeup DIY

Easy, simple and ethereal! For the base use #P-1 White (this is not a clown white) and a #LF-1 Latex Sponge. Lightly apply the white, then pat out to remove any lines. For the eyes: #DR-6 Misty Pink Rouge with a Sponge Applicator #FB-11. For the lids: #ES-99 Black Eyeshadow. Apply with depth. Some lighter areas and darker areas. For your lips use #LS-37 Winter White. And now the Black Eyeliner #EL-1. Then some really long lashes. Now that's cutting edge Haute Couture!
White Ghosty Makeup DIY

Bright summer fun makeup! Find a bright fun hat and some silk flowers in the same colors. The Ben Nye Color Liner Series has so many bright shades to choose from. For this particular one, I would use ‪#‎CL‬-5 Yellow, #CL-16 Vivid Violet and #CL-18 Purple. Paint on with a ‪#‎FB‬-10 Flat Brush. Use #MP-2 and a Powder Puff ‪#‎VP‬-1 to set your makeup. #SG-1 Spirit Gum will glue your petals onto your face. Don't forget to get your Remover ‪#‎GR‬-1!
Fun Flower Makeup DIY

I so want to try this out!! Reptile makeup using fishnets or pantyhose. For the fishnet one, you just pat your color on your face over the fishnet stocking. Make sure you set your makeup with a Neutral Setting Powder like Ben Nye's #MP-2. For the stocking reptile makeup you do your design first, powder and then put a sheer stocking over your hand. I would glue this on with #SG-1 Spirit Gum so that it stays in place.
Reptile Makeup DIY
Reptilian Makeup DIY

Sexy smokey eye makeup! Use Pearl Sheen Eye Shadows #PS-595 Black-Brown, #PS-52 Mocha for base. Then overlay Lumiere Grande Colour #LU-18 Golden Apricot in the crease and above. The last color is the Pearl Sheen #PS-16 White Gold. That is your sparkle! Then some Cake Eye Liner #EL-1 Black. Easy!
Sexy Smokey Eye Makeup DIY

We must be on a Sugar Skull rampage lately!! Here is another one with a little bit of unusual colors. Start with a pale white base using #PC-1 White (this is not a clown white), a #LF-1 Latex Sponge, #MP-2 Neutral Setting Powder and #VP-1 Velour Powder Puff. Make sure you pat out your white makeup before setting it. Favorite brushes for Sugar Skull makeup is #FB-12 Flat Brush#FB-12 Flat Brush for the large areas and #FDB-9 Fine Detail Brush for the fine lines. For the colors, use Color Liners #CL-29 Black, #CL-20 Turquoise, #CL-211 Kelly Green, #CL-6 Goldenrod. Powder each color as you are done with it and then powder all makeup when done.
Sugar Skull Makeup DIY

On they have a step by step Sugar Skull application. Use these #CL Color Liners in Black, Fire Red, Bright Pink, Gecko Green, Sky Blue, and Yellow. Sugar Skull makeup is intricate work! Make sure you powder with #MP-2 Neutral Settting Powder with a Powder Puff when done with each section. Brush Cleaner #BC-1 is going to help alot with this job. And my recommendation for brushes would be #FB-12 Flat Brush and #FBD-9 Detail Brush.
Sugar Skull Makeup DIY

Fun eye makeup for Mardi Gras, and partying!! For the colors with sparkle, use the #LU Lumiere Grande Colour. For the matte colors use the #CF Magicake pressed colors. To apply use either a #FB Sponge tip applicator or a #DB Dome Brush.
Eye Makeup DIY

Hunger Games Makeup for Girl on Fire. This makeup has some fun sparkle to it so let's use the Lumiere Grande Colours in #LU-155 Cherry Red and #LU-6 Sun Yellow. Paint your red and yellow flame lines in first using a Flat Brush #FB-7. Blend some of the red and yellow to make the orange part of the flames. Then just set your makeup with Neutral Set Powder #MP-2. and a Velour Powder Puff #VP-1.
Girl on Fire Eye Makeup DIY, Hunger Games

Cute little makeup for the kids or for us adults! With Halloween approaching, it's always fun to have a little makeup fun on the face. The #CL color Liners have lots of color choices for these little designs. A small point makeup brush like #FDB-9 is perfect for drawing detailed designs. Don't forget to Powder with Neutral Setting Powder #MP-2 and a Velour Powder Puff #VP-1.
Fun Child Eye Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Patriotic Makeup from the 4th of July. And elections are coming this year in November. This is so easy, but very dramatic. Use tape to help create straight lines for the white. Use #CL-1 White with #FB-12 Flat Brush. Before pulling the tape off, use a #VB-1 Velour Powder Puff with #MP-2 Neutral Setting Powder to set your white. Lipstick #LS-35 Vampira is a great deep red lipstick. Set with your Neutral Set Powder. Now paint your star with your white and set with the setting powder. Pull your tape off. Add false eyelashes #E-316. All done!
Patriotic Eye Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Back to School will be on us soon. How about some fall fantasy makeup for the first party of the school year? Simple eyeshadow application with golds and yellows in the Lumiere Grande Colour shades. Use LU-3 Aztec Gold, LU-6 Sun Yellow and LU-7 Tangerine. Apply with the Foam Applicators FB-11. So simple! But shades that you will use all of autumn!
Autumn Eye Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Ready for some fantasy Peacock makeup? Peacock costumes have been really popular and makeup to match just sets it off to perfection! Lumiere Grande Colour is our fav for Fantasy makeup. Buy individual pots or a palette. For this makeup, use #LU-19 Peacock, #LU-3 Aztec Gold, #LU-16 Azalea, and #LU-10 Jade for the eyes. For the black use Cake Eyeliner #EL-1 with #FDB-6 Fine Detail Brush. Glue the peacock feather on with #SG-1Spirit Gum. And you are done!
Fantasy Peacock Eye Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Easy makeup job. You just need some lace, some white and black powdered makeup. Or use colors for a fun fantasy makeup job. Tape the lace into place. And using a Powder puff, and your powdered shades, pat them onto your face thru the lace. So easy! And the powdered Lumiere Grande Colours or Luxe Powders would be spectacular!
Easy Fantasy Eye Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

This is a fun fantasy makeup. Quick and easy too! Lumiere Grande Colour is a pressed powder with some shimmer. Let's use #LU8 Chartreuse for the base with a Latex Makeup Sponge #LF1. Use #LU6 Sun Yellow shade to fade from the green. Blend. Under the eye is Lumiere #LU12 Cosmic Blue for an accent shade. Powder the whole makeup job with Neutral Setting Powder #MP2 using a Powder Puff. Glue rhinestones on with Spirit Gum Adhesive #SG1 and don't forget the Remover #GR1.
Fantasy Eye Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

I thought this looked like fun makeup! For the lid use Eye Shadows #ES-99 and put on lightly, spread upward toward the eye brow. Then add the #ES-30 White. Paint your web with Liquid Eye Liner #LE-1. Powder with Colorless Neutral Setting Powder. Add eye lashes #E-316. Easy!
Spider Web Eye Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Let's do something creepy! For this makeup job you will need LL-1 Liquid Latex, FX-4 Charcoal Blue, CL-29 Black Color Liner, LF-1 Latex Sponge, VP-1 Velour Powder Puff, FB-5 Flat Brush and some MP-2 Neutral Colorless Setting Powder. Brush the Liquid Latex onto the face in a 1" strip along the tear line. Watch the eyebrow! (Put vaseline on your eyebrow to prevent the hair being pulled out). When the latex is dry (not shiny), peel back carefully to the "almost" the outside edge. Take the Vasoline off of your eyebrow. Using the latex foam sponge and the Charcoal Blue, spread into the middle and all of the way up to the latex edge. Next set the makeup with the powder puff and the Neutral Setting Powder. With the Flat Brush and Black Color Liner paint lightly around the latex edge making a dark shadow edge. Also paint eyebrow, lips, eyelid and eyeliner. Set again with the Neutral Setting Powder.
Creepy Peeled Face Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

This is so easy! And with St. Patrick's Day and Mardi Gras coming, it's the perfect time! Paint #AG-8 Neon Green onto eyebrow. Use #LU-10 Jade Lumiere Grande Colour on your eye lid. Now add #E316 black fake Eye Lashes. Glue with #SG-1 Spirit Gum the Emerald Rhinestones.
St. Patrick's Day or Mardi Gras Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

It is almost Mardi Gras time!! Here is an interesting idea using Peacock Feathers. Lumiere Creme Makeup #LU will be our main product. Use #LU-13 Royal Purple, #LU-14 Amethyst, #LU-15 Persimmon for your bright shades. Makeup Brush #DB-12 will work great for this. For the black use Color Liner #CL-29. Set everything with Neutral Setting Powder #MP-2 and a Powder Puff #VP-1. Measure and cut the Peacock Feathers #Pea_ to fit the shape of your eye. Glue on using Prosthetic Adhesive #AD-1 and Bond Off #BR-0 to remove the sticky when taking your makeup off. This will certainly get you looks and compliments.
Mardi Gras Peacock Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

This makeup would be fun for New Year's Eve. Use Lumiere Grande Colour in #LU-6 Sun Yellow, #LU-8 Chartreuse. And some of the Pearl Sheen Eye Shadows in #PS-6 Sapphire, #PS-14 Copper and #PS-16 White Gold for the upper lid. A Fine Detail Brush #FDB-9 would help with the peacock feather details.
Peacock Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Ooooh, this one will be fun, gross and easy. Let's start with the red color on the neck. Using a Latex Sponge #LF-1 and #CL-13 Fire Red. Spread that onto the neck where it shows red. Now use the Gel Effects Kit #GE-10 (clear bottle) by following the warming instructions. Use a Popsicle stick to spread the gel onto the neck and up to the mouth. Don't try to smooth it out. Let there be ridges, and bumps. While it is still warm, insert cooked long white rice for the maggots. Using #CL-29 and a Makeup Brush, draw shadow lines around the maggots and for the wound cut lines. For the stitch lines, use black quilting thread and Spirit Gum #SG-2 to glue it on the skin. Don't forget the Spirit Gum Remover #GR-1 to remove the excess when done. Now a little Stage Blood #SB-2 for the run from the eyes. And for the road rash part, use a Stipple Sponge #NS-1 dipped into the blood. Then slide it across the skin.
Halloween Gross Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

It's Halloween Makeup Time!! For this makeup use CL-191 Cosmic Blue Color Liner and a #LF-1 Latex Sponge for the base of the blue face. Spread on the blue and then pat out for an even coverage. Powder with Neutral Set Powder. Next do the red for the gums. Using Flat Brush #FB-7 and #CL-131 Fresh Cut draw in the raised gum area. Next draw the teeth with #CL-5 Yellow. The black contours, and details are last. #CL-29 Black. Powder the whole makeup job with Neutral Set Powder. Lastly spray some White Hairspray into your hair.
Halloween Scary Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Skeleton Halloween Makeup instructions. Use HK-4 kit by Ben Nye Makeup that has everything you need and just the right quantity!

Halloween Skeleton Makeup DIY by Ben Nye
Old Age Makeup Instructions by Ben Nye

Cute little girl makeup! Adorable little girl makeup and even on a little girl! For the fake eyelash lines and eyelid, use #EL-1 Black liquid eyeliner. For the lipstick, use #LS-10 Bordeaux.

Little Girl Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Eye Makeup for Mardi Gras, Halloween or parties. Using Ben Nye's #ES Pressed Eye Shadows in ES-82 Royal Purple, ES-66 Lemon, ES-68 Shamrock place the colors using a good makeup brush. The #FDB-2 Tapered Point Brush is great for blending and contouring eye shadows. Add #LE-1 Ebony Liquid Eyeliner, some eyelashes, and you are done.

Fun Mardi Gras Eye Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

How I love this eye makeup!!! Let's do it! For the color we are going to use the Lumiere Luxe Sparkle Powders. To get the powder to adhere use #FY Final Seal Spray. Pour into a little jar and use a FDB-2 makeup brush to paint each area as you apply. Under the eye use LXS-17. Below that line use the LXS-17, LXS-16, LXS-61. Above the eye: LXS-17, LXS-16, CF-7, LXS-12, LXS-9. Finish with a very light spray of FY Final Seal. Keep eyes closed, not squinted. It does stink a little sometimes. So spray from at least 6 inches away. Final item is white mascara LM-0. Fun and Crazy Eye Makeup!

Fun and Crazy Eye Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Glamour "Sugar Skull" skeleton makeup. Use Lumiere Luxe Powder Cosmic Blue makeup for the blue, over a base of P-1 white Cake Foundation makeup and Black CL-29 Color Liner makeup. Set with #FY Final Seal. Brush on Lumiere Luxe Sparkle Powder #LXS-12 Cosmic Blue. Paint nose with #LU-20 Starry Night. Re-spray with Final Seal. Glue on rhinestones with Spirit Gum makeup.
Sugar Skull Day of the Dead Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

For this makeup let's start first with a light white face foundation. Using #P-1 Cake makeup and a #LF latex sponge, apply the P-1. Powder with Neutral Set Powder #TP. For the eyebrows and eyeliner use EL-1. Dampen a brush and smooth on. Set with Neutral setting powder. On the eyelids, use LX-4 Lumiere Silver Powder mixed with Final Seal #FY-0. Brush on for a liquid silver look. #LCS-3 True Red for the lips. Spray your whole face with Final Seal to set. Now apply rhinestones with #SG Spirit Gum adhesive. Add Feather eyelashes with rhinestones #EJ199.
Makeup by artist Lan Nguyen.
Silver and Red Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Ben Nye Makeup. Use Lumiere Luxe Powder makeup, set with Final Seal. Add pulled off Plume feathers, hairspray and shape. Glue with eyelash glue.

Feather Eye Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

We are going to use Ben Nye's Lumiere Luxe Powders and Pearl Sheen Eyeshadow for this makeup. For the lid use LX-13 Royal Purple and under the eye. Mid Lid and under eye, use LX-14 Amethyst, and upper lid including eyebrows, use PS-5 Ultra Violet Pearl Sheen. Line the eye with Liquid eyeliner LE-1. For the sparkle, mix LXS-17 Cosmic Violet with FY-0 Final Seal and then brush on. Spray final product with Final Seal. Make sure you cover your eyes, not just close them. Voila! Gorgeous eyes for Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras Eye Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

I thought today we would do the makeup from "American Horror Story". I would use a white pancake makeup #PC-1 for the base. Using a damp latex sponge #LF-1, dampen and spread the white pancake onto the face, including your eyebrows. Pat it out to smooth. Powder with Super White Setting Powder #TP-7 using powder puff #VP-1. We need to line our eyes on the top and bottom with an eyeliner. Black #MC-1 MagicColor creme pencil is soft enough. Also line your bottom eyelid above your lashes. So now while thinking about the black runny stuff, I thought maybe black latex. But latex has ammonia in it which is extremely hard on the eyes. So, let's use MagicColor liquid paint makeup in black #ML-03 with a brush. Near the eyes you need to paint it. Then on the lower part you can drip the liquid paint. Set with Neutral Set Powder #TP-61. Then to retrieve the shin, brush on glycerin #GL-2

American Horror Story Eye Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Old Age Makeup Tutorial. Ben Nye Makeup instructions:
Old Age Makeup Instructions by Ben NyeOld Age Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Old Age Makeup Tutorial. Ben Nye Makeup instructions:
Old Age Makeup Instructions by Ben Nye

Hobo or Tramp Clown makeup. Clown makeup that is easy to do and you do not have to cover your face in Clown White makeup. We are going to use only one makeup wheel which has all of our colors. #WK-51 has: CL-29 Black, CL-1 White, CR-1 True Red. With a latex makeup sponge #LF-1, apply the white under your eyes. Pat out any streaks in your makeup. With a #FB-7 Flat Brush, draw the outline of the mouth for your white. Either fill in with the brush or latex sponge. Powder with Super White Setting Powder (#TP-7). Using the True Red, dap your cheeks. Powder with Neutral Setting Powder (#TP-5). Take your Flat Brush and outline your mouth with the black. Also do your eyebrows. Now with a Stipple Sponge #NS-1, dab your black onto your beard area. Stippling the black for a 5 'o clock shadow. Powder your black with your Neutral Setting Powder. Add a bowler hat and you are done!

Hobo or Tramp Clown Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Eye makeup for St. Patrick’s day. Brush #ES-68 Shamrock Pressed Eyeshadow onto the lid and eyebrow. Accent with #ES-99 Black Pressed Eyeshadow. Brush #FY-0 Final Seal onto your eyebrow and then press #LXS-9 Mermaid Luxe Sparkle Powder into your eyebrow. Lightly spray final seal over your eyebrow to set the glitter powder. With a drop of Final Seal, glue green rhinestones onto your face. Now go party!!

Saint Patrick's Day Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Pop Art Makeup. Using a DB-8 Dome Brush, dampen and apply #PC-1 white pancake for your dots. Set your white with Neutral Set Powder MP-2, and a powder puff. Pat each dot lightly to set. For the purple on the eyelids, use CL-18 Purple. Apply with your brush, then set with your setting powder. On your lips use LS-15 Lipstick Siren Red. Powder lightly with your setting powder, then use Gloss LGS-18 Cherry Baby. CL-29 will make all of your black lines using your brush. Then set with your powder. The trick to setting your powder is: Pour a little powder onto your powder puff. Fold puff in half and rub back and forth to get the powder into the puff. This is called "Packing your puff". Then pat lightly over your makeup. This keeps your makeup crisp and in place.

Pop Art Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

More Makeup instructions!

Makeup pictures posted on this page are not necessarily from our company. Some are done in-house, while others are found on Pinterest posted by other people interested in makeup. Our purpose is to give you ideas of how to create these looks.

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